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LIDSlot : Object

Handles incoming LID data.


Class Methods


An IdentityDictionary mapping the evtTypes to descriptive strings.

Inherited class methods

Instance Methods


Post the slots properties in a nice, human readable way.


.debug = onoff

Turn on or off the debug posting for this slot.


.action = value

Set the action for this slot.


Get the current value of this slot, mapped according to its spec.


The ControlSpec to map this slots value.


.rawValue = inValue

Get the rawValue; the setter of this method is called from the primitive LID.prHandleEvent and should not be called by the user.


Convenience method to use a LIDSlot in a pattern; this will call the value of the slot.


Create a bus on the server. The slot's value will automatically be set to this bus on the server.



The server on which to create the bus and forward the value to. By default this is Server.default


The bus on the server that this slot's value is mapped to.


Free the bus on the server and remove the action to forward the value.


JITLib support to access the bus in NodeProxy's. This will create the bus if it does not already exist.


The device to which this slot belongs.


The type of slot that this is.


The eventCode for this slot.


.key = value

The key by which this slot is known in the spec of the device.

Inherited instance methods