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LocalOut : AbstractOut : UGen : AbstractFunction : Object

Write to buses local to a synth.
Source: InOut.sc


LocalOut writes to buses that are local to the enclosing synth. The buses should have been defined by a LocalIn ugen. The channelsArray must be the same number of channels as were declared in the LocalIn . These are like the global buses, but are more convenient if you want to implement a self contained effect that uses a feedback processing loop.

WARNING: Audio written to a LocalOut will not be read by a corresponding LocalIn until the next cycle, i.e. one block size of samples later. Because of this it is important to take this additional delay into account when using LocalIn to create feedback delays with delay times shorter than the threshold of pitch (i. e. < 0.05 seconds or > 20Hz), or where sample accurate alignment is required. See the resonator example below.

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An Array of channels or single output to write out. You cannot change the size of this once a SynthDef has been built.

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