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Polar coordinates
Source: Polar.sc


Represents polar coordinates.

Class Methods

Polar.new(rho, theta)

Create a new polar coordinate with the given radius, rho, and angle in radians, theta.

Inherited class methods

Instance Methods






The math operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are accomplished by first converting to complex numbers.


Scale the radius by some value.


Rotate the angle by some value.


Rotate by pi.



Answer the radius.


Answer the angle in radians


Answer the angle in radians


Answer the real part.


Answer the imaginary part.


Convert to Complex


Convert to Point

Inherited instance methods

Undocumented instance methods




.performBinaryOpOnSomething(aSelector, thing, adverb)

.performBinaryOpOnUGen(aSelector, aUGen)


.rho = value


.theta = value