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Pseg : Pstep : Pattern : AbstractFunction : Object

timed embedding of values


Pseg defines a function of time as a breakpoint envelope using the same parameters as Env. These patterns can be used to describe tempo or dynamic variations independent of the rhythmic patterns that express them.

Class Methods, durs: 1, curves: 'lin', repeats: 1)



A Pattern that returns the levels. The first level is the initial value of the envelope, all subsequent values are interpolated.


A Pattern that returns segments durations in beats.


a Symbol, Float, or an Array of those. Determines the shape of the segments.


a number.

The possible values are:

\stepflat segments.
\linear\linlinear segments, the default.
\exponential\expnatural exponential growth and decay. In this case, the levels must all be nonzero and the have the same sign.
\sine\sinsinusoidal S shaped segments.
\welch\welsinusoidal segments shaped like the sides of a Welch window.
\squared\sqrsquared segment.
\cubed\cubcubed segment.
a Floata curvature value for all segments. 0 means linear, positive and negative numbers curve the segment up and down.
an Array of symbols or floatscurvature values for each segment.

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.curves = value