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Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for SuperCollider

Language-Specific Commands

NOTE: For shortcuts bindings of ScIDE, please consult the menu and/or the shortcut configuration menu.
FunctionsmacOSGEdit (sced)1 Vim (scvim)2 Emacs (scel)3
Interpret Selectionenter, ctl-c, ctl-return, shift-returnctl-eF5C-c C-d / C-c C-c
Interpret current lineenter, ctl-c, ctl-return, shift-returnctl-eF6C-c C-c
Interactively evaluate expression...C-c C-e
Evaluate defun or code-blockC-M-x
Evaluate current documentC-c C-f
Stopcmd-.escapeF12C-c C-s
Run Main-runcmd-rC-c C-r
Recompile librarycmd-k:SClangStartC-c C-l
Stop interpreter:SClangKillM-x sclang-stop
Clear post windowcmd-sh-cC-c <
Open Help Filecmd-dctl-uK or :SChelpC-c C-h
Open Class Definition (look up class file, either Class name or Class:method) e.g. Object, Object:dumpcmd-jctl-y^k or :SCdefC-c :
Implementations of (which objects have code that defines methods, e.g. 'play')cmd-yC-c :
References to (where in the source files is e.g. the method 'play' used?)cmd-sh-YC-c ;
Dump interfaceC-c [
Dump full interfaceC-c {
Show method argumentsC-c C-m / C-c RET
Autocomplete keywordC-c C-n / M-TAB
Show server panelsC-c C-p p


FunctionsmacOSGEdit (sced)Vim (scvim)Emacs (scel)
Open text documentcmd-octl-o:eC-x C-f
New text documentcmd-nctl-n:enew(open non-existent file w. new name)
Close text documentcmd-wctl-w:closeC-x k
Save text documentcmd-sctl-s:wC-x C-s
Save text document ascmd-sh-sctl-sh-s:savC-x C-w
HTML doc window => code winctl-tE

Text Editing

FunctionsmacOSGEdit (sced)Vim (scvim)Emacs (scel)
Undocmd-zctl-zuC-x u / C-_
Redocmd-sh-Zctl-sh-z^RC-x u / C-_
Select allcmd-actl-aggVGC-x a
Select block
Goto line ...cmd-,ctl-i(linenumber)GM-g g
Find ...cmd-fctl-f/ or *C-s
Find nextcmd-gctl-g*C-s
Find previouscmd-dctl-sh-g#C-r
Replace and find nextcmd-lM-%
Copy text style onlycmd-alt-c
Paste text style onlycmd-alt-v


FunctionsmacOSGEdit (sced)Vim (scvim)Emacs (scel)
Syntax Colorisecmd-'autoautoauto
Balance (find next matched parens/curly braces and select everything enclosed)cmd-sh-BC-<space>, C-M-f
Balance backwards (find previous matched parens/curly braces and select everything enclosed)C-<space>, C-M-b
Paren match highlightautoauto with option Paren-Match-Highlighting
Comment (add // in front)cmd-/(select text and) M-;
Uncomment (remove //s)cmd-sh-/(select text and) M-;
Indent / Shift left (move selected text by one tab)cmd-[TAB (auto-aligns tabs according to code)
Unindent / Shift right (by one tab)cmd-]
Insert (): enclose selected text with (txt)cmd-(
Insert []: enclose selected text with [txt]cmd-alt-[
Insert {}: enclose selected text with {txt}cmd-{
Insert /* */: enclose selected text with /*txt*/cmd-*