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a gui for a NodeProxy or Ndef


NdefGui provides controls for handling and editing a NodeProxy or Ndef, and its monitors. NdefGui replaces NodeProxyEditor. It provides:

Both NodeProxy and Ndef implement a .gui message, which returns a NdefGui for that NodeProxy. Overview: JITLib.

Class Methods





the nodeproxy to be shown and edited, or nil.


How many sliders or textviews for parameters to provide. Default value is 0.


a parent view where NdefGui is to be shown. If nil, a window is made.


bounds where the view (or window) will be shown.


a flag whether to create and start a SkipJack for auto-updating.


an array of symbols for options of what to display. See list below.

Preset options lists which can be used in *new:


two lines of controls for a big NdefGui, usually in its own window


two lines of controls for a very big NdefGui


for ar proxies, used in ProxyMixer left hand side


for ar proxies, used in ProxyMixer.small on left hand side


for kr proxies, used in ProxyMixer mid section

Class Variables


a dict for the sizes of the different gui elements.


a lookup dict for making the different buttons.


not a class var, but the method that inits buttonFuncs.

Inherited class methods

Instance Methods


See JITGui for more instance methods.

Various views the NdefGui has if they were present in the options:










Basic Methods


the paramGui's widgets (usually, EZSliders)


the currently used param names



highlight and unhighlight a single slider by index



highlight and unhighlight the nameView


highlight a contiguous group of sliders; used for showing assigned MIDI faderboxes etc.



editKeys with technical names can be replaced with more user-friendly ones.


an alias to method object, object_

Standard JITGui Methods





GUI Element Creation


creates all the views given in the options list. Internally this calls the following methods:
















Inherited instance methods


Some configuration options

Some configuration options

Test - drag and drop proxies between NdefGuis

This seems broken in 3.7.0 - drags are sticky and can't be dropped.

Test - replacing keys

This is used in ProxyChain (JITLibExtensions).