PbindProxy : Pattern : AbstractFunction : Object

incremental event pattern reference
Source: Pdef.sc


keeps a reference to a Pbind in which single keys can be replaced. It plays on when the old stream ended and a new stream is set and schedules the changes to the beat.

Class Methods

PbindProxy.new( ... pairs)

create a new instance of PbindProxy with the given patternpairs

Inherited class methods

Instance Methods


returns the wrapper for the Pbind

.set( ... args)

set the given patternpairs.


return a pattern at that key. this can be used to set quant value individually, so different elementary patterns can be quantized differently.


.quant = val

set the quant of all elementary patterns, or return the quant value of the source pattern.

Inherited instance methods

Undocumented instance methods




.envir = envir



.pairs = value