JITLib Changes in 3.7:
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JITLib Changes in 3.7

A Changelog for JITLib


In general, the changes in this version try to to strengthen the ideal of proxies being true placeholders that behave in many ways like their source objects:

This added a little complexity, but for various reasons, other aspects could be simplified, so that there are fewer classes and a bit more readable code. The system is easier to recover from failure. Some lesser known (or unknown) bugs are fixed, too.

As many parts of the code have been touched, it is possible that there are still bugs in it. Below, you find a long series of (manual) tests that should also reveal a little bit about what you should be able to expect from the system.

Classes that have changed:

NOTE: examples are given with Ndef, but apply to ProxySpace and NodeProxy: Ndef(\x, 5); is the same as ~x = 5; in ProxySpace.

Perhaps one of the greatest chages in terms of behavior is the elastic reshaping of node proxies (See: NodeProxy elastic behavior setting). By default it is off. If you want to test it as a default, you can add this to your startup file:

Behavior Changes

Changes in pattern proxies (Pdef/Pdefn/Tdef and respective parent classes)

Changes in node proxy (NodeProxy, Ndef, BusPlug)

New functionality

NodeProxy elastic behavior setting

A few minor changes

Implementation Changes

Bugs fixed

Example: Elastic NodeProxy

Tests for NodeProxy and Monitor

Tests for PatternProxy