ProxySpace examples:
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ProxySpace examples

Some ProxySpace examples

main examples

preparing the environment

playing and monitoring

setting the node controls

referencing between proxies


waking up a network of proxies

feeding back

(one buffer size delay)

multiple control


restoring / erasing

for more on the proxy slots see: jitlib_basic_concepts_03

garbage collecting

execution order

setting the xfade time

setting and mapping arguments

other possible inputs

using a synthdef as input

for a more systematic overview see: jitlib_fading

using patterns

using instruments and players

NOTE: for the following to work you will need to have the cruciallib quark installed.

client side routines


granular synthesis: efficient code

see also jitlib_efficiency

using multiple proxyspaces

can be done while the server is not running: with p.wakeUp or

the environment can be played back.

external access

connecting two spaces

(must be on one server)

recording output

(see also: RecNodeProxy)


some more topics

nodeproxy with numbers as input