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Linux platform-specific methods


This class is available only on Linux, and implements Linux platform-specific methods.

Environment variables for Jack

Among other things, this class makes it possible to set some environment variables in your Linux operating system to automate connecting the Jack Audio Server on startup.

See Audio device selection: Linux for more information on this.

Class Methods

Setting or finding a terminal emulator


LinuxPlatform.runInTerminalCmd = value

get or set the preferred command to invoke a terminal emulator when performing String: -runInTerminal.

If nil (which is the default), sclang will search for a supported terminal emulator installed on the system, the first time runInTerminal is called (see *getTerminalEmulatorCmd).

NOTE: this setting doesn't persist across sessions



a string, which has to necessarily include two %. For example:

The first "%" is a placeholder for the window title, and the second is a placeholder for the actual command to be executed. Refer to your terminal emulator's documentation to find appropriate command line flags.


scans the system for a supported terminal emulator. This method runs synchronously, and could block other scheduled operations while searching. If you rely on String: -runInTerminal, it is recommended to run this method before you start scheduling Patterns or Routines, or to set *runInTerminalCmd manually.


command to invoke a terminal emulator, to be used as LinuxPlatform: *runInTerminalCmd  

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